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Release on July 26

136064_004_2.JPG136064_004_3.JPGAIR JORDAN 3 RETRO
SIZE 26-29,30,31,32cm
¥19,440(TAX IN)














Thank you for your interests in the above products. Due to numerous inquiries we received on these products, we ask for your attention on the following:

*There will be no drawing of lots for the sales of these products.

*There will be a draw to decide the orders by which the guests can be shown to the store for those who are waiting in line as of 10:00am, July,26,2014. This draw will take place in front of the store entrance.

Entering the store is not on the first-come first-served basis.

*We will try to show the guest to the store as fast as we can, however please understand it may take some time before being shown to the store after the store opening due to fitting, etc.

*Product purchase per guest is limited to one style/one color .

*The store may decline the sales to the guest who receives/provides cash and goods from others inside or outside the store.

*The store is unable to accept payment for the purchase if it was made anyone other than the purchasing guest.

*The store is unable to accept bulk purchase by a group of guests.

*Product hold, inventory look up at the other owned doors and product transfer from other owned doors will be accepted from, July,28,2014 for the limited products,

*In respect of the large traffic in the street in front of our store and neighboring stores, we ask the store guests to follow the instruction of STAFF members and security guards.

*The store may decide to stop the sales of products if there were any guest who does not follow the instruction, any inconveniences caused to the neighboring stores, and any of trouble.

*We as our guests' understanding that the above method of sales and rules we have in plan may need to be altered under unavoidable circumstances on the day.

Thank you very much for your cooperation!!!!


Nike Fukuoka